24hrs Feat. Soulja Boy – New Lay

24hrs Feat. Soulja Boy - New Lay

24hrs Feat. Soulja Boy return with new song titled New Lay

24hrs has shown off a great yield regarding the amount of music he puts out. With his Lil Pump collaboration “Lie Detector” as yet humming, the craftsman is benefiting from any prevalence he may have picked up from Jetski’s fanbase. Beginning with no one knowing who was behind the 24hrs moniker, the Private Club underwriter has assembled a considerable stage for himself to prevail as a performer. With numerous reckoning his up and coming EP, which arrives tomorrow, 24hrs has dropped a solitary with Soulja Boy to fabricate energy for the undertaking.


Changing out on his young lady, 24hrs and Soulja Boy rap about getting their separate ladies anything they need. Shopping binges on red bottoms and Gucci, the two specialists boast about their cash and ice, ruining their huge others and making all of us jealous all the while.


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