ALBUM: Lil Xan – Xanarchy Militia

ALBUM: MilitiaLil Xan - Xanarchy | ZiP DOWNLOAD


ALBUM: Lil Xan – Xanarchy Militia | ZiP DOWNLOAD

Lil Xan is trying to get clean and he’s heading to rehab later this week. Before he disappears from the public, Diego decided that he wanted his fans to have some new music. In the last few months, the controversial artist has released a tribute song to Mac Miller and “Slope,” which received a painfully low 10% approval rating from our readership. His sound is… interesting to say the least. Xan regularly slurs his words, sounding like he just binged an entire bottle of prescription pills before getting into the studio. He has a new album coming out next month but he just released Xanarchy Militia, a collection of seven songs to hold everybody over until then.



1. Skee
2. Good Girl
3. Weekend
4. Feeling Like A Villain
5. Outbreak
6. Different
7. Slope

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