ALBUM Phora – Love is Hell

Phora Feat. 6LACK - Stuck In My Ways | MP3 DOWNLOAD


ALBUM Phora – Love is Hell | ZiP DOWNLOAD

I’ve always kind of been in the corner by myself. Not a loner, but I’ve always been doing my own thing,” Phora tells Billboard. “I’ve always liked it that way. But this past year, I’ve connected with a lot of artists and had conversations. I actually met 6LACK, Trippie, G-Eazy and Tory Lanez all within the last year. Before this year, I really didn’t know anybody. It’s all organic and I actually met them. This year, I actually connected. I’ve met other artists, but these are the ones I actually connected with and felt like we could genuinely make some music together. Me not having features on my other projects, it wasn’t really by choice. It was kind of how it was because I was more in the corner. I personally feel like with this project, it’s more my time to shine.”

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