Cardi B Exposed By “Ex-Roommate” Violent Jealousy & Betrayal

Cardi B Exposed By "Ex-Roommate" Violent Jealousy & Betrayal | MP3 DOWNLOAD

Cardi B Exposed By “Ex-Roommate” Violent Jealousy & Betrayal | MP3 DOWNLOAD

A lady known as Starmarie professes to have known Cardi B when she “didn’t have sh*t.” The previous companion helped “oppressed” Cardi land a position at a similar strip club she was hustling at the time. The combine likewise moved in together. What began as two ladies helping each other out finished with brutality and selling out.

Things went bad once Cardi B’s salary and fame at the strip club expanded. The more clout she got, the nastier her state of mind moved toward becoming, as per the previous companion.

“She began to get unstable. She began to get angry. The more we be hanging, the more molly she be taking. The more cocaine she taking.”


“I began having such a large number of adversaries in view of her….I held her down without bounds.”

The companions dropped out due to the rap star’s envy. A liberal supporter at the strip club made it rain on Marie and Cardi was disappointed.

“Our meat began due to some fat buddy with money…I figure he really liked her and he tossed 1000 dollars on me and I figure she got distraught or whatever.”


After their day of work, Cardi encouraged her companion to follow along to her arranged date with “the person.” Although he assumed get with Cardi that night, her aroma turned him off.

“He said she possessed a scent like fish and would not like to contact her so he began outfitting towards me.”

At last, Cardi B showed her out of the condo on account of desire.

Starmariealso got her let go from the strip club and tried to send a sucker punch her way all the while. Get the full scoop underneath and call out on her believability in the remarks.

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