Chevy Woods Feat. Wiz Khalifa – Bitch You Lyin

Chevy Woods Feat. Wiz Khalifa – Bitch You Lyin

There is no wrath known to man like a lady disdained. Maybe that is the reason such a significant number of rappers have commenced their melodies with perturbed phone messages from the more attractive sex. It’s an attempted and genuine recipe, particularly when one is endeavoring to set a specific state of mind some place along the lines of Venus Vs. Mars. Presently, as Chevy Woods‘ 81 hits spilling administrations, the Taylor Gang rapper has made one thing inexhaustibly clear. He can’t maintain a lying lady. To such an extent, he took to the book o’ rhymes to scribble down a few musings on the issue, bringing about the Wiz Khalifa helped “Bitch You Lyin.”

While it completes somewhat more unique for the for the most part friendly Wiz, “Bitch You Lyin” finds the two rappers airing their grievances with any lady endeavoring to besmirch their respect. “Many young ladies they running up,” raps Wiz. “Know we the posse, they fuck with us.” It’s not really the most melodiously difficult verse of Wiz’s vocation, however he takes care of business.

Concerning Woods, any reasonable person would agree that this one originated from a position of outrage, or maybe even hurt. In any case, “Bitch You Lyin” is a hard-hitting, mutilated banger from two men who basically have no persistence for the bologna.

Take a listen blow.



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