DOWNLOAD The Chainsmokers Feat. Drew Love – Somebody (FREE MP3 SONG)


The Chainsmokers Feat. Drew Love – Somebody (FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD)

The EP is bound with four tracks and Drew was the fortunate craftsman to land to be the main element. “We’re composing tunes about ourselves that vibe crude… and those folks all did that at a certain point,” Alex already stated, while discussing his kinships with Jared Leto, Bono and Chris Martin. “In any case, their music’s turned out to be worldwide. Chris would resemble, ‘This is an awesome song. In any case, does the world need this tune?’ And I’d resemble, ‘I figure not. Be that as it may, it’s critical to us.'”

The Chainsmokers released their EP Sick Boy yesterday and on it was an unheard track with R&B vocalist Drew Love. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are known for more club bangers, yet their most recent joint effort with Drew demonstrates their ability for making relaxed, reflective tunes.


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