Elujay – Locked In

Elujay – Locked In

The new notch touches base with creation from MXXWLL and Blake Straus while artist Rafa loans his gifts on the trumpet. The official rendition of the new track arrived not long after the Oakland rapper and artist appeared the track amid a live execution with COLORS Berlin and is yet another see of his approaching full-length venture—the follow-up to 2016’s Jentrify.

Everything goes before his Reckless Summer Tour: a scaled down trek that will see Elujay performing all through North America in the long stretch of July. For the time being, get comfortable with “Secured.”

Only a long time in the wake of astounding us with an adjustment in the consistently booked program with his profound “Starchild,” Elujay is keeping things in subject with his most recent “Secured” single, as yet inclining towards a more R&B sound as his vocals takes melodic shape to convey on another slice that announces his devotion to a unique somebody.

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