G Perico’s – “Guess What?” EP

G Perico's - "Guess What?" EP | ZiP DOWNLOAD

G Perico’s – “Guess What?” EP | ZiP DOWNLOAD

G Perico’s is back with a new song.The follow up to last year’s 2 Tha Left album contains 7 songs in total and features guest appearances from Kalin.FrFr and Garren, both of which appear on the song “Play Wit It.” Other song titles include “Mo Power,” “All Nighter,” & “Wit The Gangstas” to name a few.



1. Guess What? (Intro)
2. Mo Power
3. All Nighter
4. Wit The Gangstas
5. Play Wit It (feat. Kalin.FrFr & Garren)
6. What You Thinkin
7. How U Want It


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