H.E.R. – Feel A Way


H.E.R. – Feel A Way | MP3 DOWNLOAD

H.E.R’s. music exists with a level of secrecy. On the front of her new task, I Used To Know Her: The Prelude, the vocalist holes up behind a clear polaroid, proposing that she hasn’t revealed to her entire story right now. “Feel A Way” is one 6 records on the warm-up for her appropriate introduction collection, and delves encourage into the fantastic confession booth style she does as such well. Th track discovers her baffled with an accomplice, cautioning them not to influence her to lose her cool: “I’ve been making a decent attempt not to go off, but rather you’re attempting me.” When the bassline drops, a perfect pile of harmonies agree to illuminate the title of the melody – “Don’t influence me to feel a way” – shading it with the scope of feelings that can accompany cherishing somebody who ceaselessly treats you terribly. On the verse, she considers a dynamic in which her accomplice censures her sensible responses to their absence of regard on her acting “insane” and “silly.” “It’s your blame, I had my influence,” she closes.

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