Iman Shumpert – “Substance Abuse” EP (album)

Iman Shumpert now return with new album titled “Substance Abuse” EP (album)

The connection amongst b-ball and hip bounce is unfathomably tight. Rappers are gifted on the court while some hotshot have flexed their expressive ability on the mic. Generally, ball players that rap aren’t exactly great on wax as they are on the court. One individual who’s ended up being similarly capable at both is Iman Shumpert. The Cavaliers player has been flaunting his melodic side for a moment and took his abilities to Funk Master Flex for a mind boggling free-form session. Presently, he’s discharged his most recent EP, Substance Abuse.

Iman Shumpert comes back with his new EP, Substance Abuse. The rapper’s most recent venture comprises of six tunes and he holds down the undertaking completely without anyone else. The rapper even handles some generation from Outkast on “Lifts.”

Beside his melodic endeavors, Iman’s been keeping himself occupied with his ball profession and family life. He and his significant other, Teyana Taylor, as of late debuted their VH1 reality appear, “Teyana and Iman” which features their effective professions yet their home life too.


With the arrival of Substance Abuse, ideally we wind up getting some visuals off the venture. It’s another exertion from Iman that demonstrates he’s a multi gifted person.


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