Lil Wop – “Deathnote” Video

Lil Wop – “Deathnote” Video | DOWNLOAD

Lil Wop to be an obtained taste; his voice sounds truly agitating, with a snarling, dry conveyance that sounds like a squeaking entryway in the evening time. All things considered, while numerous repulsiveness neighboring rappers tend to guide toward the underground tasteful, Lil Wop stays settled in the trap way of life, as prove by his situation on Gucci Mane’s 1017 program. Presently, Wop is back with some dull new visuals, debuted politeness of Complex.


In the clasp, coordinated by Paul John of Midnight Cinema, Wop sits alone in the midst of a house loaded with butchered ladies; those unfavorable to gut and exasperating substance ought to most likely stay away, however one needs to ponder, for what reason would you say you are tapping on a Lil Wop video in any case? From that minute, Wop encircle himself with the majority of the fiend’s delights; evil ladies, free-streaming flame, and obviously, serpents on deck.

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