Pardison Fontaine Feat. Cardi B – Backin’ It Up

Pardison Fontaine Feat. Cardi B - Backin' It Up | MP3 DOWNLOAD


Pardison Fontaine Feat. Cardi B – Backin’ It Up | MP3 DOWNLOAD

Cardi B holds the feature spot on Pardison Fontaine’s new single, “Backin’ It Up.” The track has been teased for weeks and it only makes sense for them to be collaborating. Pardi and Cardi are day one buds, with the “Bodak Yellow” artist sharing a video of them turning up together years before she blew up. We’re unsure when Bardi recorded her verse for this track but some of her lyrics sound incredibly current. “I’m the queen of talking shit and I’m backin’ it up” can be taken as a direct mention of Queen Nicki. “Why don’t you chill with the beef and get some chicken instead?” is another that is bound to turn some heads.

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