Ski Mask the Slump God – SKIMeetsWorld

Ski Mask the Slump God return with a new song titied SKIMeetsWorld

Fans have been sitting tight for Beware The Book of Eli, the up and coming venture from Florida rapper Ski Mask the Slump God, for quite a while. At the point when asked what was taking so long, Ski Mask specified that it was troublesome getting test leeway for the Boy Meets World signature melody, yet now we at last get the opportunity to hear it face to face.


Utilizing an accelerated example from the show’s season 1 signature melody, Ski Mask utilizes his notorious hyperactive stream, accelerating and backing off in consummate mood with the creation. In case you’re now a devotee of Ski Mask, you’re presumably effectively going to like this track, and in case you’re aficionado of Boy Meets World possibly now you have motivation to begin tuning in to him.

What do you folks consider “SKIMeetsWorld?”



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