The Internet – Hive Mind (ALBUM)

The Internet – Hive Mind (ALBUM)

The Internet, made their arrival to the scene back in April with the track “Move (Burbank Funk),” their first single since their 2015 Grammy-assigned collection Ego Death. From that point forward, the gathering has been caught up with advancing their Hive Mind collection by taking off tunes like “Come Over” and “La Di,” however now following quite a while of expectation the collection has at last arrived.

Containing 12 tracks altogether, the follow up to 2015’s Ego Death highlights visitor appearances from band individuals like Syd, Steve Lacy, Patrick Paige II, Christopher Smith, and Matt Martians.

“Such a significant number of recollections making this collection,” Syd said. “We leased houses and studios everywhere throughout the world and just relaxed around, no weight. The last couple of sessions in Australia were a portion of my top choices. We made the keep going 3 tracks on the collection there. Such a vibe.”


1. Come Together
2. Roll (Burbank Funk)
3. Come Over
4. La Di Da
5. Stay the Night
6. Bravo
7. Mood
8. Next Time / Humble Pie
9. It Gets Better (With Time)
10. Look What U Started
11. Wanna Be
12. Beat Goes On
13. Hold On

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